Scottish Course to Train Tutors of Lipreading

ATLA group 2015

ATLA Scottish Celebration Day


17th September 2016


Here are a selection of pictures taken on the lovely day we had in the West Drawing Room of the beautiful Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh. We saw new faces and old and shared stories and lessons together. The beautiful surroundings were very grand and made the day very special.  

It was a real celebration and recognition of all the hard work we do!

I'm sure you'll agree that great fun was had by all on the day.



A chance for us all to get together and have a catch up over a cuppa!

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Some of our newly qualified tutors being presented with their well earned certificates

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Delia Henry, Director of Action on Hearing Loss Scotland was one of our speakers with Chris Quinn one of our newly qualified Tutors

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And who could forget our lovely Ginger with his owner Neil another one of our newly qualified Tutors

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ATLA Scottish Study Day

Saturday 18th April 2015


This took place on the 18th April 2015 which was a beautiful sunny day at the MacMillan Education Centre in Ayr Hospital. There were fourteen people registered for this course unfortunately two people could not make it. So there were twelve people attending the day including the organisers. Apologies were received from thirteen Lipreading Tutors.

The study day was organised by Jill Bradshaw and Dorothy McRobert. In the morning we had two presentations on topics relating our lipreading students. The first one was a practical session which involved hearing aids where the lipreading tutors had a chance to try out the hearing aids. This was a practical session by Lyn McMillan Senior Audiologist who spoke about the hearing aids available from the NHS. Both Lynne and Dorothy went round the class answering any questions the tutors might have which proved to be very informative as this was reflected in the evaluation forms. The tutors enjoyed the chance to try the hearing aids so that they would be able to understand what our students are going through.

After a tea break we had a presentation from Paul Doody Chief Audiologist specialising in tinnitus at the Royal Infirmary in Glasgow. This was extremely beneficial for the tutors to have this talk about tinnitus and also for some of the tutors who have Tinnitus. Paul explained how the tinnitus affects people also how this stresses people out. A lot of questions were asked at this presentation so it was a lively session. The myth of how much sleep a person needs was also discussed as this seems to stress people out if they cannot sleep due to tinnitus and how to control tinnitus by controlling it yourself.

This was followed by lunch as this was a good opportunity for the tutors to catch up with their news and what has been happening with their lipreading classes. The cost of the lunch was sponsored by Octicon and this was arranged by Dorothy McRobert.

Following lunch there were three more presentations. Jill Bradshaw did two presentations which were linked as the first one was using technology for the lipreading students as well as the tutors. We discussed all methods of technology that we can use that will become a thing of the future. The next presentation was Homework for the Students and should we be giving homework to the students. Since I have been doing this for a short time I explained what I have been doing as this is forward planning for the lessons also be able to use the I Pad where I can send an exercise to the students. To date I have not done this yet but would like to try this. A lively debate followed this regarding the use of technology and the fact that not all our students would have technology to do this. The other area that was covered relevant to homework was memory retention and practice at home.

On our agenda it was to be Carol Grice as she was due to talk about Online Lipreading but she was unable to come as she was unwell. People were disappointed that she wasn’t there as was noted in the evaluations.       

The last presentation was from Alison Pendlowski and her topic was Lipreading in Scotland Project. She gave us a talk about what has come out of the Lipreading Strategy Project.  Alison gave us an outline of what has been happening with the project and also gave us information regarding the Launch of the Report of the Lipreading Strategy Group which took place on the 26th March in Forth Valley Sensory Centre in Falkirk. The outcome was a discussion on where we go from here and what is the way forward from this report.  Many ideas were shared which were written down. Alison also wished a new group to be set up for this to push for the way forward as a lot of work has been done for the report but we need action now on how to improve for the future of Lipreading Students and Lipreading Tutors as well. There was discussion about Social Work and Health working together on this area of lipreading as to how we can promote this.

A lot of suggestions were made how we could encourage and advertise the need for more Lipreading Tutors and the need for Lipreading classes to be set up in different areas especially in the rural areas.

The following suggestions were made:

  • The DVD from the Launch of the Lipreading Strategy Group showing what happens in a lipreading class should be shown in Health Centres especially in Audiology.
  • Also on STV and Social Work offices where there are Services for Deaf People.
  • Alison is wishing to have a working group to look at this and would like minimum of 2-3 tutors working on this with partner organisations as Alison wishes to take a step back now.
  • It was also mentioned that there is a need for younger tutors as well.      

It was a day enjoyed by all who attended the Study Day.

Hope you will join us at the next Study Day.

Jill Bradshaw                                                      

teaching in classroom